If you leave a message saying you have a motorcycle endorsement and have some questions, we’ll call you back asap.  But, google and other “providers” have taken it upon themselves to give a summary on the results page and 1) people tend to think it’s our website (it isn’t—we have little to no control over the content and 2) what they publish is large inaccurate.  As a result of people not “clicking through” to our website, we get a dozen calls a day with questions like:”How much to fix a flat tire?”; “Do you have a drive belt for my TaoTao?”; “How much to rent a 50cc scooter?”; “I am at your location, did you move?”   We understand that in large, touristy areas (e,g Key West), there are scooter rental places with dozens of small scooters waiting for the cruise ships to dock. On the one hand, there is not much to see scootering around Key West while we have beautiful roads that wind for miles and miles past beaches and the houses of the rich and flocks of pelicans that will pace your scooter at 40mph.   On the other hand, it is a whole lot easier to rent a scooter there than here.

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