Go North!

Find your way to the Intracoastal then South for a little bit before turning East to go over the Blue Heron Bridge (at the top, immediately South is Peanut Island and the sandbar to the North of the Island is where 1/2 of the local population beach their boats on weekends and drink) to Singer Island, then North/North-West back to US 1 (along the mangrove swamp and McArthur Beach State Park…right turn at US1.  Then, North to the fork in the road, then along Juno Beach then Jupiter until the road meets up with the Jupiter Inlet and winds back West to US 1.  Then, over the Jupiter Inlet bridge (the Jupiter lighthouse is to the right), first right turn then over the Jupiter Island bridge and North to Martin County (the Martin County part of Jupiter Island is one of the richest places in the world but, on the other hand, the foliage is high and there isn’t much in the way of mansions and ocean visible).  North through Jupiter Island to the Northern end where there is a beach run by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (it was gifted to the Service which usually doesn’t run beaches  and which cares much more about turtles than about you).  On the rebound, go over the North bridge back to US 1 then ride South to Tequesta.  You will pass through a large area of hills and dunes on the right….what this part of Florida was before it was developed….and some relatively undeveloped parts of the Waterway on your left before you return to the world of too-much-development.

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