helpful hints for happy riding….

After more than a few years renting (and riding) scooters and doing some reading and research, I’ve come up with a few things:

  1. EVERY INCIDENT WE’VE EVER HAD!  Riders “looking their way” into the curb, a car.   YOU GO WHERE YOU LOOK.   If you find yourself heading where you don’t want to go, MOVE YOUR EYES…MOVE YOUR HEAD, grab the brakes and LOOK WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.  Making a right turn?  Look at the middle of the lane you want to turn into.  Don’t look at the double yellow line or the curb on the far side of the road.   When asked, graduates of the MSF course (required to get an m/c endorsement in Florida) “Where do you go?”  The answer always is “You go where you look.”
  2. All the time, but especially when it’s wet, stay away from manhole covers and painted lines….they are slippery.
  3. Motorcycles, bicycles and scooters all transition from steer where-you-want-to-go to counter-steering at some speed (15mph).  So, at 30mph, to go to the left you would put some pressure on the left-hand handlebar (even though it seems this would make the wheel point to the right and you’d turn right).  YOU KNOW THIS INTUITIVELY from your years of bicycle riding.  But, practice.  Imagine that on the (empty road ahead) tar spots, manhole covers, even Botts dots are a series of pylons that you are going to (at a reasonable speed) weave your way through.  This will help develop (improve) the muscle memory you want to have when you need to react without thinking.



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