Because we only rent scooters and don’t sell parts or scooters or do repairs, people like to call us on Sunday afternoons looking for a drive belt or a tire or a throttle cable.   I have been buying scooter parts for years and I have information…….but, no parts.  I don’t buy locally for two reasons: 1) Nobody has stock.  2) It is expensive compared to the alternatives.  (Of course, if you need it today, you’ve got to pay.)

A) BATTERIES: i) Buy a Yuasa.  2) Buy it on ebay.  3) There is the Battery Plus store in Lake Park.  4) Auto parts stores, maybe….but they charge too much and the quality isn’t there  (Yes, you are smart enough to put in the acid yourself….and, though you should put a new battery on a charger before installation, I don’t think you have to.)

1) Spark plugs—-Advanced Auto Parts.  (Note: A new spark plug probably won’t fix your problem.)

2) Drive belts—EBAY.   Did I mention EBAY.  Do a search for your scooter’s belt on ebay.   Also roller weights.   (Note: Drive belts break.  Really, they do!  And, it is a long, hot push home.)

2.5) Brake Pads—-okay…..ebay.

3) Body parts.  Be glad you bought a popular scooter and buy the parts used on EBAY IF YOU ARE LUCKY AND SOMEONE WITH YOUR BRAND AND COLOR SCOOTER WRECKED RECENTLY.

4) Tires.  a) Get some tire irons from Harbor Freight or Pro Motion.  b) Tires?  Ebay or one of the motorcycle superstores (Motorcycle Superstore, Bike Bandit, Chaparral) can be reasonably priced also (Note: Most of the them sell on EBAY but, the only scooter parts they have is tires).   On line scooter stores I have priced for tires (and I have not priced epfGuzzi which I mention, below) are priced stupid-high.

5) WHERE TO BUY IF YOU WANT TO TALK TO A PARTS GUY OR IT ISN’T ON EBAY OR YOU DON’T KNOW THE PART NUMBER (or, you don’t like ebay): For Buddy and Kymco and Sym, I think http://www.epfguzzi.com in in Prescott AZ is best.   They have things IN STOCK, their website is easy to use, they ship fast.   For Vespa, I am guessing ScooterWest (which has some wonderful Vespa fix-it stuff on YouTube and they do send you very nice stickers with your order).  For Chinese, I have no experience.

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