Do I need experience riding a motorcycle, motor scooter, moped, ATV or snowmobile? YES.   Do you give lessons?  We will acquaint you with the equipment but WE NO LONGER TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO RIDE!  Do your scooters seat two?  Yes.  50cc scooters-total weight of rider and passenger must be under 320lbs.  Can my under 18 son/daughter drive the scooter if I sign for them? No (insurance rules).   Is an out of state permit okay if I don’t have a driver license/motorcycle endorsement? No.  Do you make exceptions?  No.   Am I responsible for damage to the scooter?  Yes.  Do you have insurance?  We have some liability insurance but if the scooter is damaged or stolen, the renter is responsible.  Can I ride wherever I want?  You can’t ride a 50cc scooter on the interstate or Turnpike and if you have an issue outside of our  large (PGA Blvd. E. of Intracoastal- N. of Boynton Inlet- E. of Australian Ave./Federal Hwy.-Atlantic Ocean) service area, you are solely responsible for getting the scooter back to us.   Are helmets required? Florida law says “no” if you are over 21 and have health insurance.  Note that “eye protection” (e.g. sunglasses) are required by law.

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